2005.03.26 () - Postcards and Canals

This was the day of a lot of walking and postcard-writing. I walked up the street area past a couple temples to the sprawling Chion. I went through the tour at Chion, which has ``nightingale floors'' -- they squeek when you walk on them, to alert the residence of intruders.

From Chion I went up to Heian Shrine, which is very colourful and has the gigantic driveway-spanning Ȥꤤ. I didn't actually go into the facilities, however. Next came a lunch, and then a walk up to a small shrine behind behind Nanzenji. It mainly consisted of a couple cemeteries, with a surprising number of Christian graves. It was up on a hill, which had a pretty view, and was one of those quiet areas.

Then I went to Nanzenji, with the aquaduct portion of the canal from Lake Biwa. I was just in time to see the gardens close, unfortunately... I walked along the canal for a ways, instead. Next I did the path of philosphy walk, but didn't even try for ջ, as I knew it would be closed by that time of day. Instead I took a bus back to Gion and then walked to the guesthouse to finish off poscards.

That night was sort of crappy. No one to talk to, and when I went out for dinner I found that Gion had turned into some sort of sex-peddling district. ``Massage? Massage?'' Geez. Crowded and noise, and just not my scene. After wandering around desperately, I overpaid for a burger, fries, and coke in some bar and then went back to the guesthouse to sleep.